ALUMINIUM GATES projects to withstand ...

              Technology and innovation


The Alutrend in aluminum gates are born from an accurate technical and design research and fit harmoniously to all housing solutions, thanks to the wide range of models and colors.


                          Why choose a gate in aluminum?

  • Duration in "forever."

  • No rust, and no maintenance.

  • Warranty for 10 years on painting.

  • Warranty for 10 years on the structure

  • Light in cases of accidents.

  • Robust and very refined in detail.

  • Complies with the requirements of the European "CE".

  • It is mounted close to the sea without having problems in time.

You can achieve great size gates to city centers and residential villas for history.







Experience and innovation

ALUTREND company leader in the production of aluminum fences and gates. Our company is on the European market in an innovative way, with products certified and guaranteed by insurance REALE MUTUA valid throughout the European territory.

We offer products designed to withstand the elements and reduce routine maintenance, reducing, consequently, also the costs.

The painting is certified to withstand high salinity environments, such as the seaside.
The gates aluminum are not attacked by rust and, unlike iron gates, require no maintenance.



A well-established experience in the field of aluminum extrusion is the heritage on which we base our activities.

The continuous search for innovative solutions goes hand in hand with the stylistic refinement of our products, which represent a valid alternative to the gates and wrought iron fences.

The gates Alutrend arise from a thorough technical and design research and fit in harmony with all living solutions, thanks to the wide range of patterns and colors.

They are manufactured by highly qualified personnel, using only quality materials.

Guarantee of reliability

The gates Alutrend comply with European regulations (CE) and are distinguished by their innovative substructure that allows for a fast and easy installation, excellent stability and for safe use.


Absolute guarantee ..

Each gate is secured by Alutrend liability policy products of Reale Mutua Assicurazioni.

The policy, valid throughout the European territory, guarantees your purchase for a period of ten years, with a hitch-free.







The color samples Alutrend
The range of colors that we propose for our gates is designed to meet every need.

A full range of colors, with the option to choose the finish that best suits your tastes.

To view in detail the samples, click on the desired color in the sample on the right.


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To last in time gates Alutrend, before being assembled, are treated with a pickling mechanical with automatic shot blasting, which make the surface perfectly clean and satin, to ensure maximum adhesion of paints.


We can supply all our gates with automation NICE 

Grazie alla collaborazione con Nice, il leader italiano dell'automazione, possiamo garantire l'eccellenza anche sul fronte dei meccanismi di apertura automatica.

Possiamo fornire meccanismi per cancelli a battente, a montaggio interrato, molto compatti. L'acciaio con finitura in cataforesi garantisce alta resistenza alla corrosione, lo spessore di 2,5 mm la solidità. Per i cancelli scorrevoli forniamo meccanismi fino a 1.000 kg.