Sliding gate is a cantilever gate with roller carriage mounted to a foundation by means of foundation anchors
  the leaf moves several centimeters above the ground, as the result it does not get blocked by anything
Depending on the design, the gate leaf can be filled with slats, both painted faux wood color all RAL colors, and rough colors like orange peel.
You can have aluminum rails and guides made of galvanized steel.
This unique production process of an important component sliding gate Ensures reliable, smooth and silent gate operation
  roller carriage in rail
    the gate can be mounted on two or three foundation anchors.






ALUTREND Company presentation and product

ALUTREND of Pericolini Valter , aluminum gates offers exceptional strength and toughness , gates to be considered "eternal" .
Our profiles are made ​​of aluminum alloy 6060 primary extruded tube that is filled . The thicknesses depart from a minimum of 4 mm for the plates and from 1.5 mm to 20 mm for the profiles which vary according to the types to accomplish.


The gates with two hinged doors are tested and certified to a maximum width of 8 meters in Class 2; for the sliding model , however, for a maximum width of 12 meters in Class3

All zippers used are made with stainless steel center pivot joint , bush brass plate fixed to the wall , and adjustable steel eyelet , all equipped with a hole for grease and thicknesses of stainless steel recording . The decorative elements of our production and supply are made ​​of cast aluminum and die- full, and stuck to the profiles by welding or threading. All screws or bolts used are stainless steel .
Each product is made ​​by means of pulsed arc welding and TIG , so to be able to ensure durability and stability over time .





The sliding gates are the ideal solution for industrial environments where wide steps that are required in housing due to small masonry work required than a traditional swing gate swing.

Speaking of safety, however, both types of openings are regulated by EN 13241-1, which specifies in detail the safety requirements for doors, gates and barriers installed in places accessible by persons or vehicles in both commercial contexts, industrial and residential.